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Inclusion Is a Verb

Five signs that you company is genuinely inclusive!
Speaking of which, Amazon just included our book as a best seller! Don't be left behind, get your copy today!

Three Reasons to Trust Us With Your Future

We believe the best investment you will ever make is in yourself! Your future will see higher returns when you partner with us.

#1 Experiential

Our sessions are highly engaging and ridiculously interactive!

#2 Multicultural

We are obsessed with Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Oh and we can deliver sessions in many languages!

#3 Tailored-Quality

Forget cookie-cutter courses. We tailor our content to the needs of our learners. That's right custom content for you!

What Makes Our Strategy Unique

Forget passive webinars. We believe “to learn” is an action verb.
All of our programs require you to build knowledge, engage in learning, and apply the content.


How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. The same is true with learning. We break our content into small, easy-to-digest chunks that build more significant concepts. 


We believe if people are not participating, they are not learning. We spend at least 70% of our sessions with some form of engagement, including discussion, practices, and experiential activities.


If you can't use it, you lose it! We design our programs to allow you to immediately apply the skills and concepts as you would in the real world. Relevance is key!
Your success is ours!

Who We Are

We are a group of dreamers and passionate individuals helping you achieve a better version of yourself.

We deliver workshops, one on one coaching, consulting, and, if given a microphone or a virtual platform, we give amazing presentations. 

Become the extraordinary you!

Our faculty and staff have combined for over 100  years of experience 
designing and delivering interactive learning experiences.




Content Delivery Hours




Need some extra support with your business or career?
Whether it's for a limited time or 
on an on going basis, our coaches will provide the cornerstone you need to get to the next level.


Looking for an exciting and inspiring personality to take your affair to the next level?
Turn an event into the event by engaging one of our dynamic speakers. We will excite and engage on topics from Business to Diversity to Inspirational Messages.


Are you just getting started in DEI? Do you have a full strategy; or are you somewhere in between?
From building and supporting your Employee Resource Groups (ERCs) to developing and implementing a strategy to be more inclusive, we are here to help.

Our Programs


Worried about an interview or presentation?
From Aligning Your Brand to Taming Your Nerves, this interactive program will help you overcome your limiting thoughts to deliver your powerfully authentic message.


What's the hardest part of running a business (besides actually running it)? Getting it started, of course.
With this experiential program, you will develop a real, actionable business plan that will jumpstart or refresh your business.


Have you ever wondered if how the world sees you aligns with how you see yourself?
In this highly interactive workshop, discover how to use verbal and nonverbal communication to portray your authentic self. Become the extraordinary you by design—your design.

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We help you make your dreams possible, but don't take our word for it. Listen to our participants.

"R2S helped me to realize the only thing stopping me from moving forward in my business was ME!

"It pushed me to jump so I can be the entrepreneur I am purposed to be and the mother I couldn’t be slaving on someone’s else clock!"
Erinn Moore
Owner of KHEMistry Catering
“I nailed the interview thanks to my newfound confidence. Minue guided me through a journey of self-reflection to find my inner strengths and passions. She challenged me and inspired me in the most warmhearted way.”
Dr. Fabiola Barrios Landeros
"Roadmap to Success was a 12 Sessions Program that help me, as a business owner, create a REAL BUSINESS PLAN with immediate application and tangible action items to propel my business to the next level.

You will find clarity, direction, and tangible strategies to accomplish what every business wants: Profitability and Growth. Thanks for the guidance and especially for the community of support." 
Glamami Makeup Services
" are doing great work with your programs, not only giving [them] but creating an ambiance where the participants really connect with one another and live and admire the other person's dream."
Jennifer Pujols