Steel Sharpens Steel!

We believe that everybody has an inner superhero ready to go out and make a difference in the world. We are convinced that each person is born a change agent with a specific calling to embrace.

We are a multicultural company passionate about storytelling, wellbeing, leadership, inclusion, and opportunity.  Our faculty and staff have harnessed their inner superheroes so that they can help you discover yours. 
everyone has a superpower

Our Heroes

Angelica Ogando

Her clients call her the "People Whisperer." You'll call her amazing! 

An international powerhouse speaker, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and change maker, Angelica's superpower is being an Afro-Latina who can connect to people on the next level!

Integrating her business and life experiences with her world-class coaching skills, Angelica will help you develop powerful, long-lasting success strategies to tap into your powers.

Minue Yoshida

Look deep inside and realize you believe in yourself. That's Minue's superpower!

Being called a disrupter, a misfit, and intense fueled Minue's desire to teach Public Speaking and Cultural Understanding by creating meaningful connections and igniting possibilities to achieve permanent transformation.

Half Mexican and half Japanese, she is a multilingual entrepreneur whose mission is to help you discover who you are, what you are capable of, and embrace your powers with bravery. 

Masahiro Yoshida
Executive Producer

If you're facing an impossible deadline and need to get things done, you better call Masa.

His superpower is problem-solving on the fly! Literally, Masa has solved more production problems on the plane en route to an event than mere mortals do during the entire project.

He is an Imagineer and Kaizen master who focuses on preproduction by designing the logistics that deliver any project on time and on budget.

Jason Aydelott
Master of Learning and Development

Jason's archenemy goes by various names: Death by PowerPoint, Click and Drool Training, and Lecture Lethargy.  

Whenever he hears the desperate cries of, "Please make this training stop! I don't need any more sleep!" Jason's superpower of delivering active and engaging learning kicks in. 

 A master at leveraging proven adult learning principles to create innovative, learner-focused solutions, he lives by his guiding principle, "If the learners aren't doing something, they aren't learning."

Tania González
Design Mavin

It's rumored that if you say her name three times in the mirror, this Mexican Warrior Queen will appear and turn that mirror into a living muppet that will follow you around, telling the world how great you are.

Tania's superpower is breathing life into everyday objects, turning them into conceptual art!

Her dedication to unique expression shines through from creating an amazing look and feel for a presentation to building a brand style.

Eduardo Minoru
Communications Specialist

Eduardo has leveraged cutting-edge technology to communicate engaging messages for so long, some suspect he may be a cyborg.

He has crafted engaging messaging across diverse industries including, automotive, consumer product goods, service, and pharmaceutical.

His superpower is the ability to tell compelling stories across all forms of modern media raging from the web to virtual reality experiences.

Team-Ups With Super Subject Matter Experts (SSMEs)

Every league of heroes needs a good team-up from time to time. That's why we invite top experts in their field to share their superpowers with you!
Join us today to experience the interactive learning that will help you discover and hone your superpowers.