Empower Your People,
Empower Your Business

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), Business Resource Groups (BRGs) – networking or affinity groups are critical investments that build an incaluable resource.

Some of the  most compelling benefits of building and supporting these affinity groups are:

Marketing Insight

  • Consult in-house consumer focus groups
  • Develop insight into trends and preferences for target markets
  • Test ideas and receive feedback on products and services

Leadership Development

  • Cultivate a diverse leadership pipeline 
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Foster organic mentorships

Productivity Boost

  • Channel and develop individual passions and abilities
  • Increase productivity by increasing self-satisfaction
  • Expand innovation by challenging employees
  • Decrease attrition by increasing a sense of belonging 
Leveraging our deep understanding of building high-performing inclusive organizations, we will partner with you to:

Drive Innovation

  • Guide group evolution into business-focused units
  • Develop new groups based on the ever-changing business landscape

Expand Membership Reach

  • Increase employee groups' quality, quantity, and inclusion
  • Benchmark and leverage industry best practices 

Strengthen Leadership

  • Empower leaders by building inclusive systems and processes
  • Develop a leadership environment built on influence and respect not power and fear

Raise Budgeting IQ

  • Guide annual budgeting strategy from planning to managing
  • Stretch existing budget through alliances

Increase Executive Engagement

  • Enable sponsors to increase engagement while meaningfully contributing 
  • Identify convergence points between sponsors, members, and business units

Monthly or Quarterly

  • Strategic Team Building

  • Leadership in Action

  • Influence vs Power

  • Mastering Public Speaking

  • Upward Mobility

  • Strengthening Brand Identity

  • Professional Vision Boards

  • Effective Networking Skills

  • Women in Leadership

  • Overcoming Unconscious Bias

  • Leveraging Generational Strengths

  • Event Presentations

  • Black History

  • Women's History

  • Pride

  • Hispanic Heritage

  • Disability Awareness

  • Consulting

  • Analyze current state of ERGs, engagement, and growth

  • Facilitate annual planning including budgeting, communication campaigns, and reporting

  • Partner with ERG leadership to develop and execute on strategy, tactics, goals, and metrics

  • Develop ERG leadership to empower them to achieve amazing results

  • Benchmarking

  • Analyze what inclusion leader's in your industry are doing

  • Discover best practice solutions to common problems

  • Determine how ERGs can build off of each other

  • Export the latest Global trends based on Diversity, Equity, Opportunity Reports

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